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Gemological Institute Services


GIS Laboratories is a pioneer and a highly respected diamond grading laboratory.
We were among the first labs involved in the development of the scientific system that
sets out to evaluate and grade the quality of a diamond that has been cut.

A well cut diamond can be identified through the way in which it reflects and refracts
light to the maximum degree.

GIS Laboratories has been recognized as an innovator worldwide due to the
extensive research and development that it devotes to evaluating the way a diamond is
cut. Additionally, we are highly regarded by consumers, diamond
manufacturers, as well as jewelry retailers. This is first and foremost due to our
devotion, accuracy and consistency in all aspects of diamond grading. This entails the
color, clarity, and carat weight.

Our mission has always been to protect our consumers, which is one of the
distinguishing factors that helps to set us apart from competing diamond grading